Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear Etsy,

I shudder to think of a world without Etsy, which is why this blog wouldn't be complete without a regular feature highlighting some of my favorite Etsy sellers..."Dear Etsy,". To start, a story of handmade fate!

In the planning of her wedding, Nicole and I regularly came back to Sam + Ian. (Side note: We quite lovingly refer to a few of the couples featured in wedding blogs by their first names. Who is Adam without Halli, after all?) One detail we wanted to borrow from Sam + Ian was the "Happy Tears" stamp to use on envelopes with vintage hankies tucked inside. But for some reason I couldn't find the source. Not even with an exhaustive Google search. I finally relented and put out an Alchemy request on Etsy, but not without quite a bit of guilt - the creator was out there somewhere and I hated to ask for a copy. A friendly Etsy regular responded to my request and referred me to Blossom Stamps as a great source for custom works. So I wrote a quick, hopeful note and received a quick, sweet reply: "Did you know I created the Happy Tears stamp?". The stamp came out perfectly and when I needed another, it seemed Blossom Stamps had created and shipped it before I could even say "Thank you." Quality craftsmanship and speedy service. Happy tears, indeed!

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